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* NEW * POSTCARD BUNDLE *10 PACK* Mix & match :)

Rachel Gale

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Beautiful recycled A6 postcards, now in mix & match bundles! Illustrated by me :) 


It's always good to have cards at the ready, never to be caught short.  Send a little hello message to a friend, a love note or even just pop it on your wall or fridge - these A6 postcards now come in packs of 10. Mix & match!! 


The 3 main designs to choose from are :

You are Fabulous

Let's have an adventure

Mr Bear 


You can pick which ones you'd like, choose any 10. 

I have lots of other designs too - simply add a message in your order notes and i'll bundle up your perfect 10 for you. 

Other designs I have include:  Cat, fox, rabbit, lion, elephant, diplodocus, triceratops, and stegasaurus. 

The animal and dinosaur postcards have a traditional postcard design on the back, these are perfect for a hand written note or sending a special person a hello, just pop on a stamp! 

Printed on beautiful  recycled card, tied up with stripy string and a cute little gift tag (Rachel Gale on one side and tag a to: and from: on the other)...a perfect gift! 

Enjoy! :)

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